Drake-Using Natural Language Processing to understand his lyrics

Using several NLP techniques to get insight into the Toronto Native's lyrical genius.

Summee - Summarization Service

Over the summer of 2019 I built a summarization service using Pytorch, Bootstrap, Heroku, & Flask.

Predicting Russian Trolls Using Reddit Comments

Over the spring of 2019 I created a series of experiments to test if Russian Trolls were using Reddit in a predictable way.

Representing document-level semantics of biomedical literature using pre-trained embedding models

Work done for Abbvie Pharmaceuticals over the summer of 2019. Paper was published by Konvens - a German conference for Natural Language Processing.

NBA Draft Analysis-Which College Year has the most success?

Using a variety of online resources ( Wikipedia, BasketballReference, etc.) I set out to discover which college year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) is the most successful in the pros. Was completed April 2018.

Secondary Education Analysis in Portugal

One of the most important goals in education is improving assessment scores and final grades. The particular datasets that I decided to analyze tried to approach achievement for Portuguese students at a secondary education level.  I used several machine learning techniques in my analysis.